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Virtual Chief Data Office

Empowering your company through Data

Who/What is Virtual Chief Data Office ?

Virtual Chief Data Office is a Data consultancy that allows small to medium sized businesses,  who have not had a chance to focus on Data initiatives to date, to become more data-driven and to grow more competitive within their industry as a result.

It is led by three very experienced individuals with collectively over 90 years worth of experience.  The aim is to save organisations the cost of employing a full time Chief Data Officer and associated team.  An organisation can scale up and scale down our involvement as they see necessary.  We will be there as much as they need us and will keep a touching brief when needs are not as high.

Essentially, we want to empower smaller organisations (or those organisations at a less-developed stage of their Data journey) to benefit (tangibly) from everything that becoming more data-centric can offer.

We work with a number of tried and tested individuals and will only bring on board very small teams.  We do not want to flood a client with as many people as we can - that is not our style.

Please do get in touch if you would be interested to discuss this further.  You can reach us via the Contact Us link (at the top of the page) or via the form below.  If you want to email us direct, you can do so at


Also, please look at the Data Insights page for all of our LinkedIn posts.

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